Re: [PATCH 0/1] Enable to set RTC for beagleboard

Koen Kooi

Op 16 jun 2011, om 16:45 heeft Darren Hart het volgende geschreven:

On 06/15/2011 09:25 PM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 11-06-15 10:23 PM, Lu Jingdong wrote:
On 06/16/2011 01:33 AM, Darren Hart wrote:

On 06/15/2011 09:52 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 06/15/11 12:48, Darren Hart wrote:

On 06/15/2011 06:31 AM, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
On 06/15/11 09:25, Koen Kooi wrote:
Op 15 jun 2011, om 15:21 heeft Bruce Ashfield het volgende

On 06/15/11 06:41, Jingdong Lu wrote:
From: Jingdong Lu<>

Ensure msecure is mux'd to be able to set the RTC for
beagleboard. Fixes bug [YOCTO #767]

The fix looks reasonable to me, Darren has been refreshing the
beagleboard support as well, so I've cc'd him here to see if we
have this change present in the work in progress trees.
I do not have something similar queued.

What tests did you run to ensure that the RTC worked on the
beagleboard ? There was some debate around whether or not you
needed an add-on card to get this functionality available ?
The signal "msecure" on TPS65950 connects to "msecure" on OMAP3530 and
setting/writing RTC register is controlled by
OMAP3530 "msecure". So we should pull the "msecure" high on OMAP3530 so
that we can set/write RTC register on TPS65950.

We test RTC on beagleboard by adding this patch. RTC can be set a
correct date and
it works well when power on.
You need to remove some resistors and add a battery, or add an
expansionboard like the zippy or zippy2, which have a DS1307 RTC
with battery.
Because there is no backup battery on beagleboard C4, RTC can not be
saved when
power off. If we want to keep RTC without power, we should remove R66
and install
a battery on board.
Ack'd. For me, this is reasonable. Having a working RTC even
if it doesn't survive power cycle is worth having. In particular,
since the patch is simple.

FWIW, it survives warm resests.



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