Re: Intel Cedartrail BSP on ASrock DN2800MT v Intel DN2800MT - why won't my system start?

Chris Tapp

On 8 Oct 2013, at 22:14, Chris Tapp wrote:

I have been using an image built using the Cedartrail BSP on the Intel DN2800MT board for a while now without any issues, but this board is no longer available.

The ASrock DN2800MT is supposed to be a drop-in replacement ands boot from a USB drive using the live image that gets built, provided the LVDS/VGA fix noted in the README added.

However, it doesn't work with the boot process we are using. We use the same initramfs and rootfs images as the live image, but boot from a server using iPXE. It is this boot that now fails, resulting in the system powering off!

Can anyone give me any pointers to what might be going on? The BIOS is different, and I think the problem may be down to UEFI. I've not had much to do with UEFI, but I've noticed that the live image has a UFI/ directory - do I need to replicate this in some way?
Panic over - it was all down to the LVDS/VGA fix. The installer powers off the system when it completes - I just wasn't seeing it do anything because it was using the LVDS output, not the VGA.

Chris Tapp


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