bug triage team call for action

Zhang, Jessica

Hi All,


Today, we noticed there’re more than 30 new bugs in Yocto bugzilla and turned out many of them have been scrubbed in the weekly bug scrub meeting but just have not been accepted by the designated owners.  The bug triage team just did another round of bug scrub to ensure all the new bugs are still valid with the targeted 1.1 milestone and owners.  So people on the following list with 1.1 new bug(s) assigned, please take a look at your new bugs and accept them.


Nitin – 1162, 1129

Xiaofeng Yan – 904,  998, 1115 - 1124

Scott R – 1154, 1088

Edwin – 1037, 1135, 1040, 1107

Dongxiao – 1070, 1152, 1038,

Saul – 1148

Richard – 1157






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