Re: Tom/Darren/Saul,

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 06/14/11 10:34, Bruce Ashfield wrote:
Not sure who wants to proxy these into meta-intel for me,
so I've copied you all. Now that the recipe renames for
linux-yocto in the main repos, meta-intel needs to be updated
as well.
Ooops. The content is fine here, but when composing email
directly with git send-email. Don't forget to put in a valid
sender and subject line, or you get strange looking email!!

Sorry about the formatting.


These are the referenes that I found (hopefully I didn't
miss any) and fixed to the new naming convention.

Note: I can't push to meta-intel-contrib, so I'm just sending
this as a patch.


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