Re: Fullpass Test Report for Beagleboard 1.1 M1 20110602 Build

David Stewart

I think it's reasonable as a M* milestone

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On 06/07/2011 08:38 PM, Zhao Yi wrote:
Hi Jiajun,
This is the fullpass test report for Beagleboard 1.1 M1 20110602 build.
For sato-sdk image, 2 bugs (bug1130: qt4-x11-free build failed and bug
1131: init error) had been fixed in this build. The Beagleboard lsb-sdk
image still build failed. The USB does not work with this build, so we
reopened bug 765. The udevd daemon doesn't start up since second boot,
report as bug 1146.
Ok, so we resolved the build issue and we now have a bootable
beagleboard image, with 2 issues:

1146: udevd does not start on second boot was a known issue and has a
resolution pending.

765: This is a larger issue related to potentially the new compiler and
the upgraded Kernel. Since beagleboard and the compiler are currently
works in progress, it does not make sense to step back fix M1 and then
move forward to fix M2, we should focus on this issue for M2.

That being said, I think we give M1 a go with the beagleboard caveat of
know problems with USB. There is active discussion of this on the poky
alias currently.

Any objections?


*Test Summary
*Test Result Summary*
*Component* *Target* *Status* *Comments*
* Beagleboard BUGGY
USB does not work. Udevd daemon doesn't exist since second boot.

BLOCK Critical bugs, more than 50% test cases are blocked
GOOD Only Normal, Minor or Enhancement bugs, less than 10% test
BUGGY Normal, Major and Critical bugs, more than 10% test cases

*Detailed Test Result for each component*
*Target* *Total TCs*
*Not Run
* *Passed
* *Failed
* *Not testable (Blocked)*
*Beagleboard Sato-SDK
* 18 0 14
4 (bug 765)

* You can check the detailed test result in attachment for each target.
** The failed/blocked case number is listed with failed cases' bug number.

*Commit information
Tree/Branch: Poky/1.1_M1
Poky Commit: b4a215bd94cf1508782e49b1a3f8c6b1f7effbb9
Issue Summary
*Bug Number*** *Target Milestone*
*System & Core OS*** *System Usage*
Bug 765: [beagleboard] USB does not work on beagleboard
1.0 PointRelease
Bug 1146: udevd daemon doesn't exist since second boot

Thanks & Best Regards,

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