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On 08/30/2013 07:56 PM, Darren Hart wrote:

Is there any Linux distribution based on the Yocto project that lets
me configure my embedded kernel with Xenomai? If not, has anybody got
any experinece in adding Xenomai to the Yocto project?
I am not aware of anyone using Xenomai with Yocto to date (although that
doesn't mean nobody is). Our Real-Time focus has been on the PREEMPT_RT
Linux kernel, which we do have recipes for.
googling for meta-xenomai reveals:


It appears as though Xenomai has changed quite a bit over the years. If
my quick re-reading of their material is correct, the Xenomai core is
implemented as a Linux kernel module which can built in to a standard
Linux kernel?
... kind of ...

kernel space:

You need to apply a patch to a certain kernel version and configure the
kernel afterwards.

So for an ARM architecture there is a patch for the 3.8 kernel[3]

user land:

But unlike with preempt-rt you also need to build the Xenomai userland

Out of curiosity, what sort of real-time requirements do you have?
That's a good point. Shameless self promotion [4].




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