Re: [poky] Fullpass Test Report for Yocto 1.1 M1 RC2 - 20110528

Xu, Jiajun <jiajun.xu@...>

On 06/06/2011 09:36 PM, Xu, Jiajun wrote:
Hi all,

This is the fullpass test report for Yocto 1.1 M1 RC2 build. There are
3 new bugs found in this testing compared with weekly testing.
Non-GPLv3 build could not work and one new LTP failure found with new
kernel. The 2 BLOCK issues on have been addressed and a new build is
ready for QA testing. Except for LTP and POSIX failures, there are 13
open bugs for RC2 build. Grub installation fails on 3 intel BSPs.
Graphics testing on sugarbay is blocked because there are no mesa-demos
and installed.
Jiajun, Yi Zhao,

What's the status of the Beagleboard testing, you show blocked below,
but I thought we unblocked last week, so is there any update on the
status of beagleboard testing? We need to know this since we have a
conditional GO decision based on these results.
Hi Saul,
Yi is doing testing for beagleboard and I think he would send out test status today.

I would like to also understand the sugarbay graphics testing, this is
not a blocker, it's a new requirement, correct? We have not had
mesa-demos included in any past release. I am going to add it to the
sato-sdk build only, will that be?
Sugarbay graphics testing was introduced during 1.0 M4. At that time, we had to build mesa-demos by ourselves and copy it into target image. We submitted bugs for it during 1.1 M1 because we think it better to use mesa-demos built from autobuilder.
And yes, adding it into sato-sdk is good enough.

Thanks a lot.


Best Regards,

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