Minutes: Yocto Technical Team (Tuesday, June 07, 2011 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada))

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Shane, Dave, Saul, Darren, Richard, Tom, Julie, Ke, ScottG, JeffO, Paul, Jessica, Bruce, Beth, Dennis (TI)
  • Review Yocto 1.1 M1 Release Criteria – 10 min (Julie)
  • See details at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Project_v1.1_Release_Criteria
  • Everything is green. We achieved this in the sense that the team has reached a conscious decision to move something from M1 to M2. Next time, we should have some must-have features defined before we go into next milestone.
  • Yocto and BSPs were build.
  • New bugs: 1037 is for M1, but this is not a show stopper. We are ok with this.
  • No high bugs
  • Discuss M1 1.1 M1 Release Status, go/no-go vote – 10 min (Julie)
  • Beagle board can be built now, is under testing
  • Our goal of these milestones is to have some major features accomplished.
  • We have a conditional go for M1 provided that we get test result for beagle board test result, and no show stoppers.
  • Proposed plan:
  1. Saul: Check test result with Jiajun and see if there is any show stoppers
  2. Beth send email for release
  3. Dave follow up with a blog entry
  • Review progress on M2 P1 items (see below) with incomplete designs – 30 min (Song)
  • N+1 testing for distro testing is on for next milestone. N+1 is the current production version plus the next Alpha version
  • LayerTooling design review: AR: Richard to review these items 
  • Image creator: Jessica sent the detailed task list. Jessica signed off the design for these items. The team feels comfortable with the schedule. AR: Song to update the wiki.
  • Multi-lib: we will have separate meeting to address this.
  • Bug assigning process for bugs assigned to BSP/Tom:
  • Bugs assigned to BSP/Tom are not necessarily BSP related. Tom would like to be involved in the bug triage process.
  • Don't want to put a barrier for people to file bugs by asking people to spend more time on where the bug should belong when they file bugs.
  • QA team is very resource limited, probably not appropriate to ask them to spend more time analyzing bugs.
  • Solution: AR: Darren will check new BSP related bugs more regularly and work with Tom to reassign them if needed.
  • Opens:
  • PPC bugs (414): short term we cannot do much. Mark talked to people in PPC community.   WRS team has some plan and directions to go. Work is still in progress. We need help on resources. Find someone to work on it in July-Sep. period maybe. AR: Dave to bring this up to the advisory board for help.
  • Bruce is good with the current feature and schedule including p2/p3 items.
Updates marked in yellow 
Feature Name Description Priority Commit Status Owner Design Signoff Due Comments / Bugzilla Links
Error handling in bitbake (Design) Performance improvement (gather input from community on use cases) 1 Yes Accept Saul (Scott G)  Richard M2,Sprint B M2, Sprint A, (Scott to talk with Richard about the design of this item and then come back with update)
Filed bugs (enhancement) in bugzilla, working on priorities and figure out what need to be done in the next 2 weeks.
multi-lib complete multi-lib support for 32-bit & 64-bit and capable of being installed at the same time fully complete 1 Yes Accept Richard (Qing/Ke)   M2, Sprint D M2, Sprint D
Image Creator polish polish and refine Image Creator - See https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/BitBake/GUI/PostOneOh for details 1   Accept Josh   M2, Sprint D M2, Sprint D, Jessica/Josh will work on these items
kernel bloat - development target = boot a minimal image in < 8M - development complete 1   Accept Darren   M2, Sprint D M2, Sprint D
LayerTooling - Dependency handling Dependency handling 1   M2, Sprint C Paul   M2, Sprint C M2 Sprint C, dependent on Sprint C item (LayerTooling), check next Tuesday
LayerTooling – layer merging tool Tool to merge (flatten) several layers into one 1   M2, Sprint C Paul   M2, Sprint C M2, Sprint C, under review (Richard)
LayerTooling – remote layer tool Consider integrating Jeremy Puhlman's remote layers patch 1   M2, Sprint C Ke/Paul   M2, Sprint C Jeremy is working on this, M2, Sprint C
Package config option enhancement - Plan Plan our approach to package config option enhancement 2   M2, Design Richard     M2, Design
multi-lib infrastructure multi-lib support for 32-bit & 64-bit and capable of being installed at the same time - infrastructure in place (multilib toolchain changes, configuration changes) 1 Yes M2, Sprint A Richard(Qing/Ke)   M2, Sprint B M2, Sprint A, Sprint B
multi-lib RPM RPM support for multilib added 1   M2, Sprint B Richard (Qing)   M2, Sprint B M2, Sprint B, too large, dependent on other features, Mark owns the architecture, leave for discussion with PRC team
LayerTooling – output info enhancement 1) Show a parse error if a bbappend matches no existing bb. 2) Update banner info to show layers being used and revisions/branches for each one if available 1 Yes M2, Sprint B Dexuan   M2, Sprint B M2, Sprint B, Richard will look at the design again for these(LayerTooling), need discussion with PRC team
Layer Tooling - Architecture Implement Layer Tooling changes 1 Yes Accept Richard (Paul/Daoxien will help) n/a M2, Sprint A M2 Sprint A, still dependent on Jeremy
Optimize support for Intel hardware features We need to understand and track each important Intel hardware feature and how it should be optimally supported in the Intel BSPS. Items that immediately come to mind are power, video, and performance counter settings, etc. 1   on-going Tom/Darren   M2, Sprint A M2, Sprint A, Tom/Darren will work together on the design (possibly break up this item), target: ww24.1
We had a kernel meeting, we have a list of items (a handful of) and will enter them in bugzilla. Will plan these bugs at milestone level instead of at Sprint level
Remove this from feature list, track them in bugzilla
kernel bloat - analysis (Design) target = boot a minimal image in < 8M - analysis complete 1 Yes Accept Darren   M2, Sprint B M2, Sprint B, need to have specifics and design
Beagle board kernel fix is taking longer than expected, this one needs to be moved to Sprint B.
LayerTooling – combo layer tool Tool to manage combination repos (e.g. the poky repo) 1 Yes 70% Ke   M2, Sprint A M2, Sprint A
Changes for Image Creator - phase 3 Phase 3: package format job done + image output type job done 1   Accept Joshua     M2, Sprint B, needs to work Joshua and rearrange
Changes for Image Creator - phase 4 Phase 4: complete plug-in 1   Accept Jessica     M2, Sprint D, need reschedule

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