Re: Can anything be done about do_rootfs speed?

Paul D. DeRocco

From: Gary Thomas

As far as I understand, the 'do_rootfs' step in building an
image is basically
equivalent to running "${PKG_MGR} install
<all_required_packages>", where PKG_MGR
is your package management method of choice - ipk or rpm.
This seems to me to
be a very single-threaded process.
If there's a way to command the package manager to install a package
without enforcing dependencies (Is that what opkg --nodeps does?), then
couldn't the package manager be invoked on one package at a time in n
threads, just like the other tasks are now run? I don't really have any
sense of how long it takes to install the packages, as opposed to building
the final tarball or hddimage and applying the permissions from the pseudo
database, which would certainly be single-threaded.

Perhaps you should think more about how you are using this.
If you don't need
to rebuild the whole image every time, maybe you can use the
package management
tools instead? For example, I routinely build images as well
but I also try to
use 'opkg' as much as possible to manage package updates,
etc. This is a huge
time saver, especially when making small or incremental
changes. I only rely
on the full image builds when I want to "checkpoint" the
state of the system.
I'd like to try that, but I'm not sure how. If I've tweaked one recipe,
how do I get it to build it and package it, and then stop? Do I use
"bitbake -c package"? And then do I use "opkg -d" to manually install it
directly onto my SD card? If my rootfs is a loop mounted hddimage in a
FAT16 file (as it is on my Atom project), do I loop mount it on my build
system and install into that?

Installing directly to the card would be nice because copying the whole
damn rootfs to the card takes an annoying amount of time, too.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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