Configuring CVS to work through a proxy?

Daryl Spitzer <daryl.spitzer@...>

I followed the "Building an Image" instructions in the Yocto Project
Quick Start (on a newly configured machine running Ubuntu 11.04 (64
bit), and got an error. The contents of the failure logfile is:

NOTE: fetch
NOTE: Fetch cvs://anonymous@.../cvsroot/config;module=config;method=pserver;date=20080123
cvs [checkout aborted]: connect to
failed: Connection timed out
ERROR: Function 'Fetcher failure for URL:
Unable to fetch URL
from any source.' failed

I'm guessing this problem is because I haven't configured CVS to work
through my employer's HTTP proxy.

I did a search, and didn't find any definitive instructions for
configuring CVS. (In fact, I found, which I'm hoping
is out-of-date since it talks about a patch, which—8 years ago at
least—wasn't included in GNU CVS. I did try defining the CVS_PROXY
environment variable as directed in that page just in case the CVS
build I'm using includes that patch—but I got the same build error.)

Can anyone point me to up-to-date instructions for configuring CVS to
work through a proxy?

And what command-line can I use to test it?


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