Re: linux-yocto defaulting to 3.4.52 for new qemuarmhf.conf

Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...>

On 13-08-24 11:32 PM, Elvis Dowson wrote:
Hi Bruce,

On Aug 25, 2013, at 4:57 AM, Bruce Ashfield <bruce.ashfield@...> wrote:

I created a new qemuarmhf.conf, to build using armv7a vfp and neon.

In the recipe, I explicitly specified SRCREV_machine_qemuarmhf and added qemuarmhf to the list of COMPATIBLE_MACHINES.

For some reason, it still refuses to build using kernel 3.8, and keeps defaulting to 3.4.52.

I know I can over-ride it in my local.conf by setting a PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/linux ="3.8" , but I'd like to know what I've missed, to get it to work by default, without setting the over-ride in my local.conf.
Weird, even after setting PREFERRED_VERSION_virtual/linux ="3.8", it still picks up recipe!
Try 3.8%, you need to match on the version completely, and it is 3.8...., not
just 3.8.
Ok, I forgot about that!

Another quick question, why is it that when I create a new qemuarmhf.conf machine configuration, it doesn't automatically pick up the latest recipe? Why does it attempt to use the 3.4 recipe?
Are you working off master ?

Since you set the compatibility, it should have been picked. But something
else must be changed in your layers, since if you didn't add
3.4 compatibility via bbappends, it never would have been selected
at all.



Best regards,

Elvis Dowson
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