Re: Build packages-ssh, telnet, alsa and other package for arm

Amit Kumar <Amit.Kumar@...>

Hi Raj,

            Thanks for the suggestion, I have built the image as “core-image-base” , now I got the ssh, sftp working with my image.

But some more packages I need like- gtk+, I have taken those packages using the “hob” and build the image “bitbake core-image-base”,

But when I check that image using QEMU the “libgtk” does not present. I am not able to test or run my gtk app in QEMU.


How do I get it in my image. If I build core-image-sato the libgtk present and I can test my app, but the image size is too big.

Is there anyway either reduce the image-sato size or include the gtk support in core-image-base?



Thanks & Regards

Amit K


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On Aug 13, 2013, at 10:49 PM, Amit Kumar <Amit.Kumar@...> wrote:



            Using the Yocto Project 1.4, I want to build the packages like ssh, telnet, alias and other library packages for arm. I am not getting an idea how I should have to add those packages in my build environment. I want to build them and test, using the QEMU, is that possible? I want to build them for arm.



You can start by building a reference image e.g. core-image-basic and then add the packages as you want extra I would encourage to read through the 








Thanks & Regards

Amit K


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