Re: [meta-raspberrypi] Read-Only RootFS is not read only

Paul Eggleton

Hi Rich,

On Tuesday 30 July 2013 11:43:43 Rich Bayliss wrote:
I am trying to build for Raspberry Pi including "read-only-rootfs" in
my image features. My aim is to have my SD Card read-only and at some
point add a read-write overlay to certain directories. This should
enable my system to boot fresh each time, and have some persistent
storage for user files etc.

However, after building my image I can SSH into the system and issue
"touch test" to create a file in my home directory, then after a
reboot it is still there. That isn't very read-only :)

Am I missing something, or is this working incorrectly?
It sounds like it's working incorrectly. Since meta-raspberrypi constructs the
SD card image using its own custom class I wonder if it has anything to do
with that. Andrei, do you know anything about this?

BTW, are you using sysvinit or systemd in this image?



Paul Eggleton
Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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