Yocto Technical Team meeting minutes from May 31st

Fleischer, Julie N <julie.n.fleischer@...>

Attendees: Saul, Darren, Paul, Jeff P, Richard, Jessica, Song, Dennis, Tom, Julie, Jefro, Mark, Bruce

1) Review Yocto 1.1 Release Criteria
See details at: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Yocto_Project_v1.1_Release_Criteria
Julie/Song: Ask Jiajun which distros he is testing against.
Julie/Song: Add tests for N+1 of Fedora and Ubuntu to our M2, M3, M4 release criteria.

2) Discuss M1 1.1 Release Status
RC2 was available on Sunday, May 29th. Team will have a Go/No-Go meeting on June 7th during the Technical Team meeting.

3) Discuss M2 1.1 Scope
Song is leading a meeting to discuss M2 1.1 scope with maintainers.

4) Opens

Paul: Quick Start should reference 5.0.1. Paul will ask Beth to make sure this happens.
Richard: We need a plan for bugs:
1. [PPC] kernel panic when booting poky-image-sdk-qemuppc through UNFS
2. [mpc8315e-rdb] USB does not work on mpc8315e-rdb
Bruce/Mark will kick off the discussions.

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