Re: Regarding offline build

Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...>

On 16 July 2013 12:21, Amit Kumar <Amit.Kumar@...> wrote:
I have quarry regarding the Yocto Project build offline.

Is that possible to build the Yocto Project with internet access?

I have download the poky-<latest>.tar.bz2, now I wants to build it
independently without having internet connection.

Do I need to download any other packages also to build it offline?
If you know what you want to build (i.e. core-image-sato), then
telling bitbake to fetch the sources when you do have a connection
should be mostly sufficient:

$ bitbake core-image-sato -c fetchall

This will download all the sources and put them in the downloads
directory that you've configured in local.conf.


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