Re: Regarding offline build

David Stewart

Amit – you will definitely need an internet connection. What you downloaded is just the build tools and metadata which tells bitbake where to find the sources on the internet.

If you want to build without an internet connection, you might try downloading the build appliance. It's a larger download but contains all of the sources.


From: Amit Kumar <Amit.Kumar@...<mailto:Amit.Kumar@...>>
Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 4:21 AM
To: "yocto@...<mailto:yocto@...>" <yocto@...<mailto:yocto@...>>
Subject: [yocto] Regarding offline build

I have quarry regarding the Yocto Project build offline.
Is that possible to build the Yocto Project with internet access?
I have download the poky-<latest>.tar.bz2, now I wants to build it independently without having internet connection.
Do I need to download any other packages also to build it offline?

Thanks & Regards
Amit K

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