Re: Fedora 18 CentOS 6.4 yocto difference zc702

Elvis Dowson


On Jul 4, 2013, at 3:25 AM, Edward Vidal <vidal.develone@...> wrote:

Where do you find the boot.scr or uEnv.txt for the zc702? 

I haven't seen one for the ZC702. You could use one of the prebuilt boot images (e.g. the Base TRD 14.5 or 14.6 beta packages), put it into the SD card slot, interrupt the boot process and type printenv, and list out all the u-boot environment variables and copy it out to create your own boot.scr file.

The boot args are stored in the *.dts file, so look up the dts file for the zynq board in the TRD or the Xilinx linux kernel distro.

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Elvis Dowson

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