Re: Yocto Project 1.5_M2.rc1 build underway, again

Michael Halstead

After correcting some configuration errors the Yocto Project 1.5_M2.rc1 build is underway again. As tasks complete artifacts will start appearing at their new location:

poky                	eaa5df34af42b6a37f6506847d0f3ef6ba0d298a
meta-fsl-arm    	daf582c93a7283fb0af3b25fe2ada48f4c9985c4
meta-fsl-ppc    	b889029dca03fcb7e55c671aa5006fe8be1eefb0
meta-intel        	e0d6134ed2e2687ff9f2ee77701666447842bf33
meta-minnow  		286a72ba3f5e29432be1dd77127de5bdc2d988c3 
meta-qt3         	b73552fb998fd30a01dbee5a172e432a16078222
eclipse-poky    	e35dfd79e3970f88a8273125890a54f75f108b97 
Please begin QA as soon as possible. Thank you.
Michael Halstead
Yocto Project / Sys Admin

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