Re: Documenting YP Development Environment in more detail - user configuration

Khem Raj

On Jun 24, 2013, at 7:57 AM, "Burton, Ross" <> wrote:

meta-yocto is what makes Poky Poky, otherwise it would be just oe-core
+ bitbake. oe-init-build-env looks for sample files in $TEMPLATECONF,
which is one of the things that get munged as
bitbake+oe-core+meta-yocto becomes poky.
yeah, meta-yocto could have been better name meta-poky that would have aligned the name
a bit. Its a distro layer much like other distro layers out there on layerindex and then there is meta-yocto-bsp
layers which is much like any other machine layers out there.
a difference to point out is that poky uses the tooling to fudge all layers together and create a single view
and is a leading user of combo-layer tooling provided by OE-Core. Other distros keep the layers intact
slugos e.g. uses git submodules to maintain its layer setup. angstrom has home-brew toolings and so on an so
forth. Both approaches have its own merits.

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