Re: Documenting YP Development Environment in more detail

Trevor Woerner <trevor.woerner@...>

I think this is an excellent project and am excited to see it coming together.

Are the meetings open for participation? I can't guarantee that I'd be
available when you run them, but I wouldn't mind listening in if I am.

If I were writing a book about Yocto/OE, in the first chapter I would
have the readers build their own filesystem/kernel from scratch (I
can't decide if I would also have them build their own cross-compiler
from scratch or if I'd cheat and let them use crosstool-NG). I think a
lot of the variables and tweaks involved in using Yocto/OE, and
certainly the steps Yocto/OE follows while doing its work, would be
more obvious to someone who has done what Yocto/OE is doing at least
once by hand.

I'm not suggesting any documentation effort should go down to the "do
it yourself from first principles at least once" level; but on the
other hand I think many people would understand Yocto/OE better if
they had that knowledge.

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