Re: Need clarification on some terms

Paul D. DeRocco

From: Paul Eggleton

gcc-cross-intermediate is gone as of 1.3; as I understand it
current versions
of glibc can be compiled using gcc-cross-initial so the
intermediate step is
no longer required. We should remove mention of this from the
(other than in the migration section that is).
Okay, so now there are two stages to each cross-compilation, so there's
gcc-cross-initial producing gcc-cross, and also gcc-crosssdk-initial
producing gcc-crosssdk. But is the difference between those two pairs that
the first pair ultimately produces a cross-compiler that runs on the host,
and the second pair ultimately produces a native compiler that runs on the
target? From what I can gather about the various references to "SDK", it
sounds like it's supposed to be a set of native tools that runs on the
target and produces output for the target. If that's true, then the new
descriptions are still wrong. Shouldn't gcc-cross be described as a "cross"
package rather than a "native", and shouldn't gcc-crosssdk be described as a
"native" binary that runs on the target? Or am I still fundamentally
misinterpreting these things?

For now, I really just need to know if I'm interested in the SDK, since I
have no intention of ever running compilations on my target system.


Ciao, Paul D. DeRocco

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