Bugzilla Changes

Saul Wold <sgw@...>

We need to review the existing Bugzilla and update the Products and Categories to reflect the projects correctly. Please review this email and make comments, suggestions for moving forward with a better Bugzilla categorization.

Currently we have "Core OS" with the following Components:
Graphics Driver
Tool Chain

Along with "Poky" which contains:
SDK Tools

There are also product categories for "Runtime Distribution", "Sato" and "SDK Plugins". Along with other infrastructure items.

I would propose that we clearly define the some new products and move bugs as appropriate:

Poky Build System - for Poky class and configuration issues
User Space - for user space, patching and runtime failures
Tool Chain - break it down to compiler, tools, libraries, and general
Kernel - Break it down to Arch / Config components
SDK - For all SDK related issues, have components for plugin, tools, ...
Sato - as it exists today
Runtime Distribution- Delete this, we are not a distro (no bugs now)

Additionally, there is other discussion about Poky Test components for the standards tests such as LSB, LTP, Posix.

We will need to add Product Categories for other Yocto Projects that do not have bugzilla yet.

Finally we need to update the Bugzilla Interface to be Yocto Project, changing naming as appropriate.

Please take a few minutes to review this and give some feedback.



Saul Wold
Yocto Component Wrangler @ Intel
Yocto Project / Poky Build System

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