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2011/5/3 Richard Purdie <richard.purdie@...>
On Tue, 2011-05-03 at 22:05 +0200, Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:
> 2011/5/3 Philip Balister <philip@...>
> [...]
>         People ask me why they should join the eV. Besides being a
>         good way to show your support for the OpenEmbedded project,
>         the Technical Steering Committee is elected by the eV members.
> Sorry but the current TSC is NOT elected by the eV members.

The current situation was making the best of a bad set of circumstances,
the plan is to hold elections and nothing has changed in that regard.

> Actually the board even fails to meet its own "rules" stipulated when
> they installed this interim TSC.
> From Philip's email from feb 10:
> This interim TSC will operate for 2 months when we shall start elections
> at two month intervals for the 5 positions on the TSC. The new elected
> TSC members will operate under the charter detailed on the wiki here
> We're now almost 3 months later and no election has been held!

This was discussed at the last TSC meeting and we reviewed the TSC
meeting minutes where it was recorded that:

Election wise, we'll elect the seats in the order from the board
announcement email until we have 5 elected members. We will rely on the
board to call the first election in May.

which the TSC has reminded the board about last week.



I don't think it is up to the TSC to decide on the re-election timeframe. As it stands the TSC got a 2 month mandate. See the quote above (from Philip's email from feb 10).
That is all I wanted to indicate.


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