Re: [OE-core] OpenEmbedded eV membership drive

Mark Hatle <mark.hatle@...>

Speaking as a member of the TSC, our understanding is an election would be
called for the first position at the beginning of May. (More or less this week.)

The TSC members up for election was decided by the TSC to be in the order of the
original board announcement, with the final two members going up for election at
the same time.


On 5/3/11 3:05 PM, Frans Meulenbroeks wrote:
2011/5/3 Philip Balister <philip@...>


People ask me why they should join the eV. Besides being a good way to show
your support for the OpenEmbedded project, the Technical Steering Committee
is elected by the eV members.

Sorry but the current TSC is NOT elected by the eV members.
Actually the board even fails to meet its own "rules" stipulated when they
installed this interim TSC.

From Philip's email from feb 10:

This interim TSC will operate for 2 months when we shall start elections
at two month intervals for the 5 positions on the TSC. The new elected
TSC members will operate under the charter detailed on the wiki here

We're now almost 3 months later and no election has been held!

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