Re: Patching gcc-4.7.2 to add support for Xilinx MicroBlaze

Elvis Dowson

Hi Khem,
Any plans on moving to gcc-4.7.3 or 4.8.0 anytime soon?

Nearly all the microblaze gcc patches are for gcc-4.8.0 on the trunk, several of them in fact.

I've re-applied and ported all the existing patches that you've created for gcc-4.7.2 to gcc-4.7.3 (not yet tested).

So, I was wondering if you'd like me to try to get gcc-4.7.3 or gcc-4.8.0 built against the current poky master branch?

I can test ARM Cortex A9, ARM Cortex A8 and Microblaze at my end.

Do let me know!

Best regards,

Elvis Dowson

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