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On 01/30/2013 06:41 AM, Marco wrote:
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On 11/12/2012 11:52 AM, Anna Dushistova wrote:
Hi All,

Are the slides available somewhere?

Hi Anna,

Attached are the slides and lab packet I used for the intro hands-on lab
in PDF format.

Hi all,
would be available slides and worksheet for the other YDD-2012 labs?

- "Hands on kernel lab" by Darren & Tom
We're working on making the kernel lab available online. Until then, the
materials would not be of much use as they were just specific enough to
the lab machines we set up, that they would frustrate more than
enlighten someone trying to use them on their own. Once they are up,
you'll be able to download them and do the labs on your own machines.

The 'Hands-on Kernel Lab' has now been updated, and the instructions now
assume you'll be starting from scratch on your own machine - anything
related to the lab environment is now gone, and there's actually a lot
more material now (5 labs instead of 3). See here for details:


Thank you.

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