Minutes: Yocto Project Technical Team Meeting - Tuesday, February 12, 2013 8:00 AM-9:00 AM (UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada).

Liu, Song <song.liu@...>

Sorry for the late.

Belen, ScottR, LaurentiuP, KevinS, Richard, TomZ, Amit, CristanI, BruceA, Nitin, JessicaZ, MichaelH, Ross, Denys, Saul, ChrisL, Corneliu, Fahad, Björn, DaveST, AlexG, Song
* Opens collection - 5 min (Song)
* Yocto Project 1.3.1 status - 10 min (Ross)
- Ross: Tried a build last night, hopefully we can get a proper build on everything. tonight.
* Yocto 1.4 status - 10 min (Song/team)
- Feature development: no issues. More features are getting validated in the past week. Thanks to QA team.
- Bug fixing: Not much change on total # of bugs. Fixed 35, LaurentiuP (7), BogdanM (5), thank you! WDD is about the same as the week before. WDD+ is coming down because we have less number of high's.
- Schedule reminder: M4 feature cutoff is coming this Sunday. RC1 could be at risk due to the travel of some key team members. If that happens we will target RC2 timeframe for M4 and use next week for 1.3.1 testing. Otherwise, follow the existing schedule.
- Master status (Richard): did a build last night, a few small failures. Features pulled in. Last week, trying hard to get green build. We dealt with long standing ones. Frustrated on freescale arm build issues.
* SWAT team rotation: Nitin Kamble -> Elizabeth Flanagan
* Opens - 10 min
* Team Sharing - 20 min
- Corneliu: we have the final version of our QA report on testing. https://wiki.ctest.yoctodev.org/wiki/Sample_Summary_Report, https://wiki.ctest.yoctodev.org/wiki/Sample_Extended_Report. Would like feedback. RP/Song: Still need email for the summary of the report.
- Ross: systemd has more patches in, it should just work now in master. Core-image-sato.
- RP: recent changes: spend a lot of time on do_package. Email discussion on mailing list. There is some changes going in. Be aware of that. Python issue, work around at bitbake level now. PR server changes. Beware of those issues. Please let us know if you see problems. Interested to see the overall build time figure.
- Michael: got M3 out, helped with that, upgraded autobuilder 5 and 6. Once they fully tested will get 4 upgraded. Still tracking some bugs on 5 now. Applied changes for new security policies.
- LaurentiuP: continued work on postinstall. Put the patches on the mailing list. With this patch, I'm pretty much done. Will work on SDK bugs.

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