Remote Debugging with Yocto Project Plugin

Murilo Travaglia <murilo.travaglia@...>

Hi all,

Hi I'm new in Yocto Project and I intent to study TCF Agent and port ir to diferents platforms. The first thing I'm doing is to simulate how does the Yocto Project works, especially the TCF Agent with the Eclipse Debug Framework.

First at all I installed the Yocto Plugin in my eclipse, installed a toolchain (586), download a toolchain to 586, download a pre-built linux kernel and a filesystem (sato). So I'm able to run QEMU and use the features, remote file explorer, remote debug and use yocto tools.

The second step I'm trying to do is to use the features of Yocto in my custom Linux. So I built a 586_linux and I'm running it in QEMU. I got the source code of eclipse_poky and TCF, aplied the patches of Yocto Project in TCF code and built (localy in my machine, because is the same architecture) the agent. Then I put the binary of the agent in my linux running in QEMU and started it. In Eclipse if the Yocto plugin installed I'm able to use Remote File System Explorer, I can see my home files, etc, can execute some yocto tools, but when I try to the debug an aplication in my remote target, I can't do it. I can see that the binary file is copied to the target (I also can execute it manually), but eclipse stay trying to debug (maybe trying to find the file) and then after a time a got an error. I also tryed to put the tcf-agent binary provided in the yocto-image-sato-qemux86-0.9.rootfs and I have the same behavior.

Does anybody know why I'm having this issue? Why I can debug in remote target using the linux provided by poky-qemu and can't do this in my custom-linux?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Murilo Marques Travaglia
Phi Innovations

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