Yocto Linux Project Sync notes

David Stewart

Attending: davest, RP, Saul, Kevin, Jessica, Tom, Mark, Alex, Jeff, Josh

Exec Summary:
RC3 testing is going, will be finished on time for Oct 22
Readiness review on Oct 21, Saul will set up
The Fetcher is showing serious problems, this needs to be addressed for release. Richard will update daily on this.

You all have items to complete below, please follow up

AR: Saul - set up readiness review
AR: Darren - demo use case notes to ScottR
AR: Kevin - do we need to retain the WR copyrights on the kernel doc? or can we rebrand as LF?
AR: Saul - ask Nitin to investigate delta with the MeeGo toolchain
AR: Dave to send CB, boards, panels, etc to Tom
AR: Bruce to take the recipes, bring up the 4 arch demo and train Alex on them
AR: MarkH - Package summary doc to ScottR
AR: Jessica - work on getting Eclipse plug-in download location set up with ScottR


Sprint B (Due: Oct 01, Midnight PDT)

* demo

** Alex will put the hardware bits together, Darren to write down the description of what needs to come together and wiki-fy it. RP suggests that maybe getting all the pieces running on one hardware might be a good way to try it out just in case.

** create and document on Yocto Linux website the use cases

** NAS: NFS (Mark)
Will do by end of his day today. This will run on MIPS RouterStation Pro
Mark will bring this board and drive to Cambridge

** DNLA Server (Darren)

** UPnP Renderer (Josh)
Will test with real hardware because audio on qemux86 isn't working

* autobuilder runtime testing of images (ScottG)
Will defer this change until release bits are safely out the door

Sprint C (Due: Oct 8, Midnight PDT)

* Go through each of the recipe file summary info and make sure they are there and correct, load all into a spreadsheet (Distro team) tech writer correct them and send them back (MarkH, Bug 281)
Tech writer info pending, may move to 1.0

* add class for rpmbuild (JeffP)

* ldat compatibility
** importing packages from LDAT (JeffP)

* determine way to distribute SDK (Jessica)
Done, waiting for the build to push it.

* setup and test RPM feed (Saul)

Sprint D (Due: Oct 15 (note: Thursday), Midnight PDT)

** shrink kernel repo size (Bruce)

* demo
** kit up boards for give away (Dave/Saul)

** ensure sato desktop runs on ppc real h/w (Bruce)

* qemu ppc graphics (Bruce)

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