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David Stewart

All - a gentle reminder - we would like to get your input by April 4, so we have some time to think about it before the Collab Summit later in the week. Thanks!


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The Yocto Project is in the final stages of the 1.0 release. This means
its time to kick off the post 1.0 planning process and see what things
we think we should be targeting for the release after this.

The various teams involved have been keeping a track of their ideas as
we went through 1.0 and Julie was kind enough to create a post 1.0 list
on the wiki based on these ideas:

(note whilst this says 1.1, the version number is just a working title
for post 1.0).

There are some general things we're trying to work on in Yocto listed on and also some
general themes we're considering for the post 1.0 release which are at
the top of the above features page.

I'd like to invite people from the community to propose ideas.
Indicating whether its something you'd be prepared to work on yourself
or would like the project to consider would be helpful.

I'd also like to invite our Yocto partners to look at this list and see
what they'd add or prioritise and considering putting resources into.

Since its a wiki, people can add to it, or people can reply to this
email and start a thread for discussion.

On this topic, I'd like to invite interested parties to the Linux
Foundation Collaboration Summit
( As well
as various Yocto partner focused sessions, there will be a Yocto
specific technical time slot on the agenda for technical discussion
where I'd be happy to see the community represented (partner's are being
invited to bring their technical people for that). In that session I'm
hoping to discuss the post 1.0 plans amongst other topics.

The Embedded Linux Conference is the following week so if you're
attending that there will be a similar Yocto/OE BoF session there which
will cover similar topics and you can attend instead if you'll be at



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