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David Stewart

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On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 12:24:40 -0500, Mark Hatle
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Add a +1 to reviewed, worried, but accepting column. They each seem
low-enough risk..
same here

We won't have a bug free release. No one ever does. And any change
increases the risk.

So the question is "are they worth the added risk?". I believe the
proposed changes address issues that people WILL run into as they start
playing with things, so I think the risk is worth the reward.

Saul and Richard and I put a plan together for this, will create a new thread for it.

On 10/22/10 12:23 PM, Saul G. Wold wrote:
On 10/22/2010 09:32 AM, Stewart, David C wrote:
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Coming up to release there are a few things that the extended
has shown up which we have fixes for and which we should consider
including in the release. I also finally got around to doing the
sstate stress testing and found several problematic issues. Given
sstate and checksums are a significant feature of this release,
really like them to work as well as we can make them. Prior to
this I
had stress tested the backend up not the use of the packages.
changes don't change any sstate packages themselves, just the use

Since we already have the release images prepared and tested and
are not going to change, the criteria for potential changes:

a) We can unit test the changes and be confident they don't
break/regress things.
For the Future: Besides doing a basic build, we need to have some
unit tests for bitbake and the poky infrastructure, I guess I need
turn this into a Testing feature request for 1.0 (look for it soon).

b) They fix important bugs that the user can easily run into
or that make the project look bad.
After reviewing the changes I agree, don't get me wrong, I am still
nervous about these changes.

c) The changes are small, well documented and are obviously
looking at the code/patch.
Some times we over look the obvious changes, been caught by that
too many time.

d) The don't change the generated images.

I'm not happy about being in this position and I know Dave will be
nervous about these late changes. To mitigate this I'd like to
that a selection of people (Josh, Mark, Saul?) review these
changes and
report back on whether they feel these are appropriate and also
give the
build some testing with these applied.
I'm so predictable... :-) Yes, I'm nervous. I looked at all of the
patches and with the exception of one or two, they mostly seem like good
ones. I will accept these if Josh/Mark/Saul give us a +1 on their
review& testing.
If there was 1 or 2 changes, I would be much happier, but there are
almost a dozen changes, yes mostly individually they are OK, I am
reviewing them all, and have not started any testing with them yet.

I agree with Dave that there are a couple that I am more nervous
the pseudo/fakeroot as we have had so much trouble in the past, yes
know this will make things better, but what else will crop up?



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