Re: [RFC v4 00/13][eclipse-poky] Integrate yocto documentation into eclipse

Zhang, Jessica

Hi Timo,

Thanks for the patch and everything looks good. So question to you and Scott, what's the plan from the doc site that we need to coordinate to have this merged into master.


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the last proposal integrated the yocto documentation into the existing doc plugin of the yocto ADT feature. As Jessica pointed out is does not make sense to bundle all parts of the yocto documentation with the ADT feature. As some parts of the documentation could also be helpful with the BitBake Commander feature, we agreed to encapsulate the yocto documentation into its own feature.

01..02: Fixing typos in build and site scripts
03..12: Adding the yocto documentation as a new feature
13: Temporary patch to use timo branch of docs project - DO NOT MERGE

From the last propsal:
One major change in this patch series is that I extended the plugin build system to integrate the generation into the build process. Thus keeping the eclipse help and the official documentation in sync is now automated.

the documentation of the yocto project can currently be viewed online or as a separate pdf. When using the eclipse ide to develop software on base of a yocto sysroot and toolchain it would be convenient to access the relevant parts of the documentation from within the ide.

I have intergrated this
documentation in the ide and it can now be accessed through the eclipse help center (Help -> Help Contents).

Best regards

Timo Mueller (13):
features/ Fixed typo in category name
Fixed typo in version variable name
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add empty eclipse help
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add about.html to prepare addition of yocto
features/org.yocto.doc: Add new feature containing yocto project
features/ Added headless build for yocto.doc
features/ Added yocto.doc feature to update site
scripts/ Added yocto.doc feature to build
scripts/ Add script to handle eclipse help generation
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add yocto documentation to the table of
scripts/ Copy generated eclipse help into the
user.doc plugin
scripts/ Add documentation generation to the default build
(TEMPORARY): Use origin/timo branch of yocto docs project

.../ | 4 +-
features/ | 11 +
.../ | 262 +++++++++++++++++++++ .../ | 212 +++++++++++++++++
features/org.yocto.doc/.project | 17 ++
features/org.yocto.doc/ | 3 +
features/org.yocto.doc/ | 163 +++++++++++++
features/org.yocto.doc/feature.xml | 35 +++
features/org.yocto.doc/license.html | 107 +++++++++
.../ | 4 +-
features/ | 10 +-
features/ | 10 +-
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/.classpath | 6 +
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/.project | 28 +++
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF | 8 +
.../OSGI-INF/l10n/ | 3 +
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/ | 166 +++++++++++++
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/ | 9 +
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/html/book.css | 1 +
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/plugin.xml | 35 +++
plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/toc.xml | 21 ++
scripts/ | 18 +-
scripts/ | 91 +++++++
23 files changed, 1212 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-) create mode 100644 features/
create mode 100644 features/
create mode 100644 features/
create mode 100644 features/org.yocto.doc/.project create mode 100644 features/org.yocto.doc/
create mode 100644 features/org.yocto.doc/
create mode 100644 features/org.yocto.doc/feature.xml
create mode 100644 features/org.yocto.doc/license.html
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/.classpath
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/.project
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/OSGI-INF/l10n/
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/html/book.css
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/plugin.xml
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.doc.user/toc.xml
create mode 100755 scripts/


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