1.4_M3.rc2 ready for QA

Michael Halstead

The 1.4_M3.rc2 is available at:


Built from:
poky: 3ae1a4ba972cfc17ff3f2fda632da8ecc3414885
eclipse-poky: 65f1b736b719ad5284281ccd88a33a5a92724da2
meta-qt3: 06e2fe600de962cdba53c23de1207501439a9c9f

Please begin testing against this RC. Please note that tag and branch names for this milestone will be named as if it was M3. Branches have already been created since some commits needed to be cherry-picked for the build. I will tag, sign and release the milestone if/when given the all clear.

Michael Halstead
Yocto Project / Sys Admin

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