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Thanks for putting that information on the wiki.  I will add a note to the QS that points there for information on older systems.




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I’ve posted some notes at and will update further as I find more things to work around.


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Yes - the wiki is a great place for this type of information.  All the specifics for a particular build system and the steps you have to take to make it work can be collected there.  Then from the Quick Start we can mention where to get support information for older versions.


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On 3/22/11 11:40 AM, Matt Madison wrote:
> Hi,

I have done builds with both RHEL 4 and RHEL 5.  Both on machines in which I do
not have root access.

For me I was able to simply provide an update python, some additional tools and
it worked.  (Note, I haven't tried it in the last 2 months though, so something
may have broken since then.)

> I know the documentation mentions that you should be running a "reasonably
> current" Linux as your build host, but in my enterprise environment I'm stuck
> with having to run fairly old versions, based on RHEL 4 and 5.  I've got some
> patches that I've been maintaining so I can bootstrap Bernard builds on these
> systems.  Is there any interest in supporting older systems as build hosts?  Any
> thoughts on how far back "reasonably current" is going to be with each Yocto
> release?  I'm trying to work with my IT group to upgrade a bit more frequently,
> and for developer workstations, that might be possible, but I'm not sure I'll be
> able to convince them to do that for servers in our data centers.
> Is anyone else having this kind of problem?

I think this is a fairly typical problem.  In my experience it's usually easier
to solve in a commercial space then pure open source.

As for the question about interest, we're always interested in patches.  At a
minimum, it would be nice to document what steps you had to do and what patches
you may have had to apply in order to get "unsupported" functionality out of the
build environment.  The yocto wiki seems a fairly natural place for this.

So please send what you have, or start an account on the Yocto Wiki and post it


> Thanks,
> -Matt
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