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Dear Elizabeth,

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1.4 M2 was kind of blurry because it landed during charismas and new
year thus many of us were on vacation.
So what exactly is the git commit ID of the 1.4 M2 milestone release?
I cannot see any matching tag in the git repository?
That is because we have merged M2 and M3. See:
I see - thanks for the information.

All this is pretty much frustrating. I mean, you cannot really expect
people who are looking for release information to scan the mailing
list archives for such bits of scattered information?

Especially since what appears to the the Yocto Project's "official"
web site claims that there _has_ been a M2-RC1, M2-RC2 and M2, see [1]:

M2 Stabilize schedule

Release Candidate and Milestone Release schedule (Full Pass
QA test follows every RC build)

RC1: 12/26/12
RC2: 1/2/13
M2 release: 1/11/13


It would so nice if we had somewhere, publicly visible at a well known
location (like the above page), some correct and useful information.


Wolfgang Denk

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