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Dear Cornel,

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From a QA point of view, we are approaching the 1.4 M3 milestone.
Here is what Saul wrote for the latest Full Pass request:

QA Teams:

Please do FULL Pass testing on this as a PRE-M3 Full Pass so we have
some idea of what's going on.

Git Rev: 9eb88ceb39b7d0b8ddc6487e61ce8edadef10ec4
OK, so we have not reached M3 yet. Thanks.

Would it not make sense to regularly update the release schedule web
page [1] so that it also reports the current state? or is there any
other web page where such information is present?


1.4 M2 was kind of blurry because it landed during charismas and new
year thus many of us were on vacation.
So what exactly is the git commit ID of the 1.4 M2 milestone release?
I cannot see any matching tag in the git repository?
That is because we have merged M2 and M3. See:


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