Re: Installation of i686 SDK on a x86_64 machine?

Wolfgang Denk <wd@...>

Dear Laurentiu,

In message <50FE5F87.4060300@...> you wrote:

1 ix86 ix86 works
2 ix86 x86_64 works
3 x86_64 ix86 cannot work
4 x86_64 x86_64 works

The bug report is about case 3 - attempting to install a 64 bit SDK on
a 32 bit machine. This indeed cannot work and shuld be prevented byy
the installer.

But the current code also prevents case 2, installing 32 bit images on
a 64 bit machine, which works perfectly fine (assuming you have the
needed 32 bit libraries installed).
I see your point. Would you please file a bug on this?
Done, with a patch included.

Please see

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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