Re: M2, M3, M4 milestones available?

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Hello Wolfgang,

From a QA point of view, we are approaching the 1.4 M3 milestone. Here is what Saul wrote for the latest Full Pass request:
QA Teams:

Please do FULL Pass testing on this as a PRE-M3 Full Pass so we have some idea of what's going on.

Git Rev: 9eb88ceb39b7d0b8ddc6487e61ce8edadef10ec4
1.4 M2 was kind of blurry because it landed during charismas and new year thus many of us were on vacation.

I hope this helped.

Have a nice day,
Stoicescu Cornel
Romania Yocto QA

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I wonder if the M2, M3 and M4 milestones have been reached already?
The release schedule [1] says they were due on Nov 26 2012, Dec 24
2012 and Jan 11 2013 respectively, and even lists bugs against these.


However, I cannot find any other git tags but 1.4_M1.rc1 and

So are these later milestones available somewhere?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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