Re: Installation of i686 SDK on a x86_64 machine?

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Dear Laurentiu,

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in previous releases it ha always been possible to install a SDK
configured for a i686 machine on both x86 and x86_64 systems.

Since commit c04f5435 "populate_sdk_base.bbclass: use SDK_ARCH instead
of SDKMACHINE" this does not work any more; instead, installation will
abort with "Error: Installation machine not supported!"

Is this intended behaviour (and if so, why?) or rather a bug that
should be reported and fixed?
This is the intended behavior. Please check:
Sorry, but this bug is about a different problem - the fix overshoots
the mark.

The following combinations of SDK_ARCH and INST_ARCH are possible and
relevant here:

1 ix86 ix86 works
2 ix86 x86_64 works
3 x86_64 ix86 cannot work
4 x86_64 x86_64 works

The bug report is about case 3 - attempting to install a 64 bit SDK on
a 32 bit machine. This indeed cannot work and shuld be prevented byy
the installer.

But the current code also prevents case 2, installing 32 bit images on
a 64 bit machine, which works perfectly fine (assuming you have the
needed 32 bit libraries installed).

For any distribution it is very convenient to provide only one set of
images (configured for ix86), as these images will work both on 32 and
64 bit systems.

I consider it a major drawback if you intentionally prevent such use.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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