Re: Weekly build availability.

Saul Wold <sgw@...>

On 01/15/2013 08:37 PM, McClintock Matthew-B29882 wrote:
On Tue, Jan 15, 2013 at 7:09 PM, Flanagan, Elizabeth
<elizabeth.flanagan@...> wrote:
- p1022ds failed due to a libxml2_2.8.0 failure. it is also throwing
warnings about missing patches.
I've got a master-next branch I'm testing now and should be on master
soon. I'm also debugging the oprofile issues from nightly-ppc as well.
There is a patch from Bogdan for this one, see "oprofile: set correct kernel path", there is clearly more work needed here, but that will get us past this failure until we get the libpfm recipe in, which looks like it will be required also.



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