Re: Future of WebHob?

David Stewart

On 1/8/13 3:34 AM, "Tino Breddin" <tb@...> wrote:


I was wondering what the future plans for WebHob are. I'm aware of the
wiki design page [1] and the repo [2] and recall having read that it has
been dropped from release 1.3. However I can't find any further
Hi Tino - here's the update. We decided to stop work on this version of
webHob because we were lacking some key developer input and we were not
convinced that we were taking the right approach. So what we have right
now is a prototype of this design which was functional at least at some
level (there was a demo of some functionality).

The good news is that we spent the past 6 months doing research with
stakeholders and we now have a proposed roadmap of features based on this
research. This seems to be getting healthy enough that we think we can
start a community process to refine the design and restart development.

We should see an announcement to this mailing list within the next week or
so to invite participation into this process.


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