Re: wiki page for building basic image for raspberry pi

Robert P. J. Day

On Tue, 8 Jan 2013, Alex J Lennon wrote:

On 08/01/2013 12:49, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

after reading what's available, i gave it a shot and documented the
results here:

the build seems to have worked, although i have no rpi unit on which
to test the generated artifacts.
Robert, if you want to send me a .torrent I'll be happy to run up the
image to test for you.
can't set up a .torrent at the moment, but i may have some H/W to
test shortly. in any event, if anyone else wants to follow along in
that recipe and see if they get something workable out the other end,
that would be great. that was all done on 64-bit ubuntu 12.10 system.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


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