Re: Host authenticity failures

David Stewart

Is this still a problem?

From: <Thornburg>, Christopher A <christopher.a.thornburg@...<mailto:christopher.a.thornburg@...>>
Date: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 2:48 PM
To: "yocto@...<mailto:yocto@...>" <yocto@...<mailto:yocto@...>>
Subject: [yocto] Host authenticity failures

I’ve started getting the following error from bitbake when it’s trying to access my git server:

The authenticity of host '[<githost>]:<port>([<IP>]:<port>)' can't be established.
DSA key fingerprint is <blah>

I understand this error means that the server’s key has probably changed, and I understand in general how to deal with this via SSH config. When I manually ssh’d to the server the first time after receiving the error, I got the same message, as expected. I entered “yes” and tried again to verify that the error went away. It did. I think ran bitbake again and got the same error. I changed my ~/.ssh/ssh_config file to disable StrictHostKeyChecking and still get the error.

Is bitbake somehow using different known_hosts and ssh_config files from the ones I use for interactive logins? Other ideas on how to resolve this?

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