Re: Basic failures building 1st Yocto Project and Yocto Raspberry Pi

Alex J Lennon <ajlennon@...>

It should just be a matter of changing a few git revisions, and tweaking
the wording a bit to involve the new meta-yocto, meta-yocto-bsp split.
If anyone wishes to step up to the plate the source for this blog post
is available at [1] and I will happily accept patches.
Jack, I've taken up your invitation, forked the repo and committed a
change to my fork which updates the document to current meta-raspberrypi
commit and a recent (circa two weeks) Yocto commit.

I've just built this from scratch here and aside from a couple of GitHub
feed hiccups it works. It runs up on the RPi.

I've sent a pull request over to your base repo (or at least I think I





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