Re: Where does the 'PN' is set.

Burton, Ross <ross.burton@...>

On 4 January 2013 11:34, Bill Traynor <wmat@...> wrote:
I would like to know where does the so-called 'gather' exactly happens?
For example, does it mean the bitbake core get the 'PN = u-boot' by
cutting of the name of ''?
If you want to know exactly where it happens, see bitbake.conf:

PN = "${@bb.parse.BBHandler.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE'),d)[0] or
PV = "${@bb.parse.BBHandler.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE'),d)[1] or '1.0'}"
PR = "${@bb.parse.BBHandler.vars_from_file(d.getVar('FILE'),d)[2] or 'r0'}"


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