current status for ADT

Ke, Liping <>

Hi, Jessica

We use today's latest poky master which includes all our own fixes to build
(arm, i586, mips) target fs and cross toolchains. And then we run below test:

Test environment:

1. For the available repo, use adt-installer installed toolchain: i686-arm.

2. For meta-toolchainsdk installed toolchain: i686-i586, i686-arm, i686-mips.

3. target: Qemu x86

Test project:

Against our selected test c++/c/libtool projects. All works fine.

All those tests are under command line with our automatic test scripts.
We have not tested Eclipse plugin UI yet.

One thing to do is that we need to set up test adt repos for more archs against newer changeset
so that we can cover more adt-installer tests against different archs.

Thanks & Regards,

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