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Hi Jessica,

Zhang, Jessica wrote, On 15.12.2012 00:37:
Hi Timo,

Sorry for the delay, but finally got a chance to look into these
patches. I like how it automate the docgen and integrate them into
eclipse. The concern that I'm having is, it seems converting all the
Yocto Project Docs, originally I thought only for ADT manual.
The first version of this RFC was meant to be a proof of concept,
that's why I only included the ADT manual.
One of the reasons why I integrated all manuals are the links between
the different documents. The links pointing to documentation at are rewritten to point to the documentation inside
eclipse (I'm using the same mechanism as the mega-manual). So there's
no need for internet connectivity and the user doesn't have to leave

So to view
these doc in eclipse are nice, but since we don't have some
corresponding feature support in eclipse plug-in, it'll look awkward to
combine these docs with ADT plugin.
I guess for some manuals it makes more sense to have them inside of
eclipse than for others. But I personally like that everything is in
one place, either just on the website, in the PDFs or in eclipse.

BTW, to support our bitbake
commander plug-in running on windows usage, we recently split the
plug-in into 2 features: ADT and bitbake commander and the doc plug-in
is part of ADT feature. So I'd suggest, if we want to show all the docs,
probably create a separate Yocto Doc Feature. If we want to combine with
ADT plug-in, then probably only covert the ADT manual content generation
and integration. Make sense?
Yes. Creating a separate feature seems like a good idea. I will rewrite the patch series accordingly.


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since the last proposal some things have changed:
1. Eclipse help generation is now part of the yocto-docs project
(currently available in the origin/timo branch) 2. We agreed that the
plugin should be licensed under the EPL v1.0 instead of having a
separate documentation plugin licensed under the CCA-SA 2.0 UK.

The last patch set was adding generated eclipse help files (html) to
the repository. One major change in this patch series is that I
extended the plugin build system to integrate the generation into the
build process. Thus keeping the eclipse help and the official
documentation in sync is now automated.
Also the eclipse help is now part of the user.doc plugin and no longer
contained in a separate plugin/feature.

Rational from the original patch:
the documentation of the yocto project can currently be viewed online
or as a separate pdf. When using the eclipse ide to develop software
on base of a yocto sysroot and toolchain it would be convenient to
access the relevant parts of the documentation from within the ide.
I have intergrated this
documentation in the ide and it can now be accessed through the
eclipse help center (Help -> Help Contents).

Best regards

Timo Mueller (7):
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add empty eclipse help
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add about.html to prepare addition of yocto
scripts/ Add script to handle eclipse help generation
plugins/sdk.ide.doc.user: Add yocto documentation to the table of
scripts/ Copy generated eclipse help into the user.doc
scripts/ Add documentation generation to the default build
(TEMPORARY): Use origin/timo branch of yocto docs project

plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/ | 166 ++++++++++++++++++++
.../org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/ | 9 +-
plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/html/book.css | 1 +
plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/plugin.xml | 31 ++++
plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/toc.xml | 21 +++
scripts/ | 7 +
scripts/ | 91 +++++++++++
8 files changed, 326 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/html/book.css
create mode 100644 plugins/org.yocto.sdk.ide.doc.user/toc.xml
create mode 100755 scripts/
The name of the poky-ref-manual will be changed to ref-manual. This
change has an impact on this patch series, since the name is used in the
generate-doc shell script.
But with the temporary fix in patch 7, the timo branch is used, which
will for the time being remain unaffected by the name changes. This
way you can test the documentation integration proposed in this patch
set.I would like to get your opinion on the general approach to
integrate the documentation into eclipse. If it fits into the
eclipse-poky project in general, I will rewrite this patch series to
reflect the changes. The rewrite will also remove the "the" from the
different help chapters (as Scott pointed out to me).
I also agreed with Scott that once this approach is agreed on I will
provide the necessary patches to the timo branch of the yocto-docs
project and he will merge the eclipse generation into the master of the

Best regards,

PS: I also apologize for not signing off the patch series. I will
make up for that in the reworked patches.
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Best regards,

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