Re: bitbake user manual vs mega manual, and more info on local file fetcher?

Bob Cochran


I'm glad to hear that the bitbake manual is getting an update, and I'm sure you guys know a lot of debugging tricks that I don't know.

Can you please include a section on debugging bitbake build errors (beyond logs, -D, and -v)? In other words, what's the best way to instrument or hack bitbake when debugging errors in the build process?

I sometimes hack at the python to better understand what's going on, so I'm interested to see what the experts do.



On 12/13/2012 10:18 AM, Rifenbark, Scott M wrote:
Hey Robert,

Great questions... we are revising the BitBake manual as part of the YP 1.4 release. And, we are currently discussing exactly how to position it. So the answers to your questions are in the works.


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first question -- is the bitbake user manual that comes bundled with
the bitbake source considered part of the yocto doc collection? as
in, if one wants detailed info on bitbake, does one read the bitbake
user manual (which is not mentioned on the yocto docs page), or is
bitbake user info assumed to now be scattered throughout the yocto
docs? i think it's important to identify the canonical location for
that documentation.

following on that, i'm asking since the bitbake user manual is
definitely a *little* deficient on info for the local file fetcher.
here's the sum total of its examples:

SRC_URI= "file://relativefile.patch"
SRC_URI= "file://relativefile.patch;this=ignored"
SRC_URI= "file:///Users/ich/very_important_software"

but there's no mention that (as i read it) that protocol accepts

meta-angstrom/recipes-angstrom/angstrom/angstrom-uboot- = "file://*.cmd"

i had no idea that was even true until i stumbled over the above (if
that's indeed what it means).

there's also no comprehensive coverage of how to define and use
patches in the yocto docs. the only mention i see is in the ref
manual, in the variable glossary under SRC_URI, which isn't even
complete (no mention of apply= or patchdir=).

so basic question -- is the bitbake user manual still under active
maintenance and is it considered part of the yocto docs collection?
since all that bitbake information should be *somewhere* but it's not
clear where.



Robert P. J. Day Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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