Re: Recipe differences between Danny and Master

Ross Burton <ross.burton@...>

On Monday, 17 December 2012 at 20:41, Jim Abernathy wrote:
I have not tested this back on Danny, but it seems to be past the point
where it couldn't find anything. I have no idea how it worked in the
past. I remember having to toy with it a lot. I'm still not clear about
all the paths in a recipe. So I just copy others and try things that
eventually work.
The basic rule is that for a file: uri in a SRC_URI field, relative to the .bb it searches $PN-PV, $PN, then files/.

Obviously there are complications with extending that search path, and .bbappends extending the search path, but that's the underlying principle.

The practical result of this is that you can split general, per-package, and per-version files, which is useful when for example you need different patches per version of a package, but all versions can share an initscript.


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