Re: libva failing for mp4 using gstreamer under 'danny' with cedartrail BSP

Chris Tapp

Hi Ross,

On 13 Dec 2012, at 23:58, Burton, Ross wrote:

On 13 December 2012 23:23, Chris Tapp <opensource@...> wrote:
Unfortunately, adding xvimagesink hasn't helped. I also still don't really understand why webm and flv work ok.
They're probably using ximagesink, but depending on your pipeline
you're probably doing the decode for mp4 using VAAPI, which has
special requirements on sinks.
One question - is that also true for 'fakesink'? I thought that was supposed to accept any format, but it also throws the same error.

My pipeline is just uridecodebin ! fakesink

I'd throw in some debugging to inspect the pipelines constructed for flv vs mp4.

Chris Tapp


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